Dynamic Syllabus

The initial course syllabus is available here: Smaligo-PHIL309i

However, this syllabus is just a guide. I will be adding, dropping, and rearranging readings based on our discussions. Updates to the syllabus will be posted on this page. This page will therefore be a changing, dynamic syllabus.

At the end of the first class, you’ll be given a “zine” entitled The Witch’s Child. Please read this by Wednesday. Come prepared with thoughts or impressions.

Week 2:

Friday, 1/17: *Please Read* David Graeber, “The Myth of Barter” for next Wednesday (link to pdf on the Readings page)

1/22,24: Discussion about the power of money and enclosure.

Week 3:

Monday, 1/27:

– Discussion of capital and Marxism.

 – *Read for Wednesday 1/29* Maria Mies, Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen, The Subsistence Perspective, pp. 1-7; 17-23

Week 4:

– Discussion of Subsistence Perspective – “The Capitalist Creed” and Reinventing the Commons

Week 5:

– Track 2: Writing Assignment #1 assigned. Due on Monday, February 24!

– Ch.1 of The New Jim Crow

– Angela Davis, Globalism and the Prison Industrial Complex

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