Current events

Throughout the course, we will be tracking news events that relate to neoliberal globalization. This page is for news articles and videos that will be relevant for our discussions. We will be tracking three themes: the Trans-pacific Partnership (TPP), Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking), and the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC).

Information the Trans-Pacific Partnership:

Moyers, Bill. [See video at the bottom of the page]

Wallach, Lori. “NAFTA on Steriods.” The Nation.

Information on Fracking:

“New Brunswick Fracking Protestors are on the Frontline of a Democratic Fight,” The Guardian.

Information on the Prison Industrial Complex:

“Like Prisons? You’ll Love Globalization. Like Globalization? You’ll Love Prisons.”

One thought on “Current events

  1. Kimyatta Blan

    My question this weak is; is there a way we CAN think optimistically and expect the impossible, but still be realistic about it? Like, if we expect to fly but be realistic and not expect us as humans to grow wings?


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