Study Guide #2 up, reading assignment, spring break reading

First, I’ve put up the second Study Guide on the study guide page. It is due the Monday after break. Each answer should be a couple paragraphs long. Please use quotations from the readings and, you know, really try to make it nice. 

Second, here is a short essay to read for tomorrow. It is very difficult, and I don’t expect you to get it, but skim over it and see what stands out. In particular, try to think about the phrase “man is no longer man enclosed, but man in debt.” I’ll be talking about it tomorrow. Gilles Deleuze, “Post-script on Societies of Control”

Third, over spring break, please read the introduction and the first two chapters of Noam Chomsky’s Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and Global Order (pgs.7-62).

Also, Track 1, if we haven’t met a second time about your project, let’s do it soon. Track 2, I’ll try to have your first paper back by tomorrow!



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