Study Guide #1 posted!

Hi everyone,

I have posted Study Guide #1 on the “Study Guides” page. It consists of five questions on the readings and discussions so far (you are more than welcome to use the website discussion summaries, but please do not simply copy and paste). For each of these questions, try to find your own words to answer them and only use quotations to illustrate a point you have already made.

This study guide is due one week from today, on February 7th. This is required for both tracks.

Good luck!



One thought on “Study Guide #1 posted!

  1. Dylan Carpenter

    Dylan Carpenter
    My question relates to the comment I made at the end of class, and that being is living a self sustaining subsistence life really bring freedom? Or does this subsistence life bring entrapment because you would not need to venture out to other people.


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