*Reading assignment*

For Monday, 2/3:

The Subsistence Perspective, pp. 50-63.


2 thoughts on “*Reading assignment*

  1. Dillon Ballowe

    I think it’s important to be cautious of one sided sources, especially when dealing with topics this large. However, this isn’t to say this source is one sided, I am just curious as to what other think. So, my discussion question is in relation to the way the text is presented. I am interested to hear male and female thoughts on whether or not the text is one sided or biased. Maria Miles is clear that she’s a feminist, so does this make it to where we only receive a feminists point of view?

    1. Christine Crites

      I don’t believe so. This text addresses the fact that philosophy has typically been dominated by male perspectives all through history; every other theory that predominates the field was created by men, and what the authors are attempting to accomplish is to provide a feminist critique of those theories from an alternate perspective. They explain in the first chapter that they are not suggesting that there is no other plausible way to examine these issues, but that this is one way that they think people should consider. We are also going to read many other texts during this class, most of which are written by male authors, so I don’t think the “feminist perspective” will be the only thing addressed. Either way, I’m really enjoying reading something that provides an alternative way of thinking about subsistence and capitalism.


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