*Reading Assignment*

I forgot to tell you all the reading assignment for Friday:

The Subsistence Perspective, p. 25-35.

Feel free to post discussion questions in the comments section below.


2 thoughts on “*Reading Assignment*

  1. John Woods

    I sort of brought this up and the end of class today, but what I am wondering how the subsistence perspective addresses technological progress. It seems to me that if society only existed in small clusters that were responsible for everything necessary for survival they would have time for nothing else. As someone today stated, it would be like they are trapped in a struggle just to stay alive. The reason humanity can progress today is that people can depend on others to sell them food, water, electricity, shelter, transportation, etc. which frees up their own time and resources to invent or conduct research.

  2. nicholas evans

    We talked about how the native tribes see women as having power through having multiple children and by taking care of their families. How and what could cause a whole nation such as America to change their views and transfer to our ways of power and how we view our women.


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